Our Vision

We support the dreams of refugee children.

Refugee children are in a difficult situation. However, we hope that the difficulty will not block the children’s future.

We help children hold pencils and crayons in their hands. Because we know that education is renewing them.

We plant the seeds of love and hope in the hearts of children.

We look forward children to live in happiness and joy, not anger and hatred.

Through art education, children will find good tools to express their minds and thoughts.

Like the various colors of crayons, children’s lives will be filled with richer thoughts, emotions, and creative ideas.

More than 70 million refugees are in pain today. And more than half of them are children under the age of 18.

According to 2018 UNHCR statistics, many refugee children who have left their home country are unable to attend school in newly settled countries.

We opened this website in hopes of helping them a little. We don’t expect our challenges to change the world. Just, we look forward to changing a child’s today.